About Us

Anyone that has tried to buy an electric scooter, bike, board or motorcycle knows how confusing and complicated the process can be. There are too many shady brands, false advertising, few reviews (some clearly fake) and sub optimal products out there. How do you find what’s best for your needs? How do you know if the battery will die after month? Who do you trust? We decided to take matters into our hands and spend hours and hours researching a gazillion different products out there. Then we met dozens of brands and manufacturers and finally, we tried countless products ourselves, until we decided we wanted to launch the best one–stop-shop destination for all things EV: SIMPLY EV.

SIMPLY EV offers a thoughtful curation of products and an outstanding customer centric shopping experience (online and physical). We stand behind our product selection. We know all the products we offer are manufactured to the highest standards. Get peace of mind knowing your new EV is not going to have any safety issues and provide a safe, fun a reliable riding experience.